Cueto & Cueto, Inc. offers a wide variety of event services, ranging from traditional and web-based software to management of onsite operations and consulting. Please select an area to learn more about our offerings.

All customers have access to...
Mobile Reporting
Getting to a computer during an event can be tough. We will automatically text or e-mail an unlimited number of staff and vendors status reports every hour, so you can be in touch out in the field. Additionally, our website is friendly for many phone browsers.
Keep Your Look
Themes allow us to make your copy of the site look as much like, or as different from, your existing web page as possible. We can match colors, graphics and simple layout changes. Check out our theme gallery for some samples.

Regular, Continuous Updates
As long as you continue to license the software, we'll keep your copy of the site up to date at no additional charge. We release small updates weekly, containing bug fixes and often new features. Alternately, you can request to freeze your site's version to ensure nothing changes.
Offline Backups
Much of our software supports special offline modes using recently cached data in case of an internet outage. In addition some software, such as the gate scanning module, can run entirely offline and synchronize later, making it ideal for remote locations.

Flexible API and Interface Options
The event management software provides multiple ways to interface with and control the site.

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